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You prefer Josie

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12/31/05 11:37 pm

i have started a NEW livejournal- mrpalomar
i choose to divide things thus...

4/24/05 12:19 am

so i moved the rats and gerbils home. Mom made me a sandwitch. I guess im going to commute to work till july. that way ill still have a bit of city life. r. sent me an email that asked me to move the rest of my stuff out tommorow. not very likely! i have work till 9 pm! and a tiny tiny car. oy. i drank 7 espressos at work.

4/23/05 05:17 pm

rebecca came into the store 15 min after i got there and told me that she and laura wanted me to leave the apt. I guess i give my two weeks notice and move back to hereford until july. I'm hurt they would do this and in such a cowardly way

4/22/05 01:55 am - rant rant

things have gotten pretty nasty in the apartment. If my roomates want to set up a "bi is lie" club on the internet, if they regard bisexuality as damaging to gay visability, if they want to call me "slut" and "cocksock" whenever I mention a boy, and dismiss me when ever I mention a girl, if they want to smirk at me when I get upset as if to say "now your getting it," if they want to say there are sudtle ways and not so sudtle(gay-dar) they can tell my feeling for girls are fetish and not geniune, if they regard bisexuality as loathsome and offensive to them as a minstral show then they are directly attacking me and I'm sick of dealing with it. Whats more, just because you say the n word in polish whenever you are discussing your distaste for "black behavior" your still a bigot.

When I started dating Ben, some of my bryn mawr gay friends stopped being friends with me. I told my mom I liked a girl who rejected me because I have been with boys. she said " of course" because that person would always think about the boyside and vice versa.
Still I havent thought of it as an issue. I've just always thought if I like a girl ill pursue her and that is that- same for boy. Ever since highschool I've been repeatedly rejected by girls I approached because I didnt act "gay" enough or maybe im just ugly.
Now l. doesnt even want to act friendly with me because I she can't place me.

I want to be in vermont.

3/21/05 01:07 am

I am an idiot and don't understand how to use ftp. How do I get documents from one place to another. How do I make my website. blahhhhhhh?

3/15/05 12:41 pm

I would like to have a birthday dinner on April 10th (a sunday) at Papermoon dinner... would folks be available

2/2/05 10:59 pm

I'm so mad at everything right now and I don't know why!!! oy

1/11/05 11:51 pm

Blah ive been really busy with the whole moving/finding a job real fast thing. Today I applied at 5 places. One looked especially suitable and they were playing my favorite flaming lips song too! Because I have been going to mostly coffee shops I had about 3 coffee drinks today. Thats pretty nasty- and I've been really hungry too! no restraint. Anyway, today I had an awful time parallel parking in mount vernon. I hit something. I drove home. I exercised etc. Then I decided I would take a bunch of things Im not taking to the city home so I packed my car and found out that my headlight had been hanging by a string the whole time. Oy. I duct taped it up. Hopefully it will stay like that till I can get it serviced. Now my car looks awesome though! I might try to get it looked at tommorow. dont know. I want to pack more since leah is showing people my room on friday. I'm sure they will love my rats

1/8/05 11:14 pm

Yo! check out my website piebirdjosie.squarespace.com to see pictures of my brothers art opening. very colorful! j

1/3/05 11:08 pm

i want to do a 2004 thing to...
lets see
- I quit OCDF and worked in bookstores and cafes
- I broke up with my lover and had some very nasty times
- I wooed someone and they broke up with me twice
- I experiemented with sex positivism and realized its not really for me
- I started doing online comics piebirdjosie.squarespace.com
- I got into comics school! amazing! warmblankpita.squarespace.com
- I moved to super lonely Columbia
- I played a lot of animal crossing
- I got rats and gerbils
- I volunteered at small press expo
- Rat party usa
- My Folks got llamas
- My Buddy got married
- I started doing some work for magazines
- I drive a lot more and to a lot of new places
- I bought a ton of comic books

so far this year I have...
- worked in the cafe a ton
- went to the famous black cat at midnight
- went to music places in ellicot city and catonsville
- had my hair cut
- had genmaicha which is a tea that tastes like popcorn
- helped a friend perform nasal irragation

good for me!
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